Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Laws and Relationship

     Yesterday, I left my blog entry dangling with quite the question in my heart about the role of Torah (the Law) in a born-again, Spirit-filled person's life, who has accepted the sacrifice of her Savior, Yesuah, Jesus, the Messiah, and become grafted into the Vine.

     I don't listen to radio that much. Yesterday, I flicked it on and the first thing that I heard caught my attention:
     "Rules without relationship...lead to rebellion." Honestly, the second part is fuzzy in my memory, but the first part was clear. Rules without relationship
     ...lead to rebellion...
     ...don't last
     ...don't work
     ...are weak
     ...have not accountability, enforcement, hold no true weight.
Hmmm...I sort of like that last one.

     If I follow all the laws of God as best I can, but have no regard for the One who put the laws there, what do I profit? Maybe the Israelites had a difficult time consistently keeping the laws of God, because they had such a difficult time keeping close to the God who made them.

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