Sunday, March 13, 2011

Searching Scriptures / Searching Blogs ...

     I've been absent a few days, but still constantly researching topics on my heart, because that it what I am led to do. As you might imagine, coming across as much information as we're sometimes able to can be too much to say the least.
     It's funny, right after my last post, as I was so convinced that food was the best place to enter in to learning about God's Torah, I found some information called, "The Mosaic Law: It's Function and Purpose in the New Testament." This article attempted to prove, scripturally, in great detail, about why the law is something we don't need to follow anymore. His points were well backed up with scripture and generally, it is what I have heard in Christian circles. I spent a while reading it though, and it is still pulled up on my computer.
     I may have gotten the scripture from this article or not, but, Hebrews 13:9 cut through some of the muck and mire for me, as it reads:           Do not be carried away by various strange teachings; for what is good is for the heart to be strengthened by grace, not by foods. People who have made these the focus of their lives have not benefited thereby.     This was a relieving statement, but does it mean that we can do away with Torah altogether?      Also, there is a young (but very wise) girl's blog, who I've been browsing for some time now, who is dedicated to the Messiah, Jeshua, Jesus! And also she is dedicated to keeping the Torah. Her arguments are also biblical and make a lot of sense. And in fact, she just posted and article yesterday that seems to also address questions on my heart. It seemed like it was almost written just for me! Her article is here:
     In all this study, I know, I must remember, God's Word is true and constant, it is the final authority, and it does not contradict itself, though people have derived so many differing opinions from it! So how will I know that my understanding is the correct understanding? Probably I need to start reading God's Word (to me) a little more than other blogs about it! Even good ones =P     Now that I'm not on my 30-day schedule, I have definitely not been spending the amount of time there I was before.

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