Why am I doing this?

     I feel strongly that having read the entire Bible is a non-negotiable for a Christian.
     I don't know exactly how many Christians have actually read the entire Bible. I'm sure that many have. But, I know that many have not, and many more do not read it on a regular basis. To me, this is sad.
     It's sad to me that I have never read the bible straight through, from beginning to end, front to back, even one time. I've started a hand full of times, usually following some kind of yearly bible-reading schedule. For me, this has never worked.
     A few days ago, I noticed a booklet on my father-in-laws desk entitled, "How To Read the Bible In 30 Days," by Bruce Ammons. My initial reaction was to scoff: "You just read it," I thought to myself. "There's no 'How To" involved." But curious, I decided to skim it. Ammons says,
First, the only reason I would encourage you or anyone else to take such a journey is if God prompts your heart to do so. When God leads you to do something, He will help you to do it. Additionally, He will accomplish His purposes through it. He will bless you for following His direction in your life. (page 4)
     So, I am doing this because I believe God has prompted my heart to do so! And I'm excited about it.
     It is my heart's desire to be Bible literate and to promote Bible literacy among Believers.
     For more information on why I'm doing this in one month and how I personally am going about it, please see the "Considerations" section.