Wednesday, March 9, 2011

My Starting Place - God and Food

     So, my study in God's Word thus far has brought me this far!
     First, I learned that in order to be at peace/ ease with God's we had to obey His Word / His commands.
     Then, I learned that God's Word taught that obeying the commands is not enough, but the God truly desires a relationship with us through His son, Yeshua, Jesus the Messiah.
     I'm learning that we, as children of the New Covenant in Jesus, must live first from the place of being set at ease / having our sin atoned for. Then, we must follow His commands, because we love Him. Following His commands, shows Him and others that we love and seek to follow after God.

     A bit of personal info about me - I'm always searching out the newest food guidelines that I can find. Growing up, my mom was a nutritionist, and I think that's where I get some of it from. But, I took it on myself, and enjoy discovering what are the best, most nutritious foods to eat for optimal health of the body.
     As one could imagine, I've come across TONS of information over the years, much of it conflicting. If you've ever researched nutrition, you know what I mean! New studies are always coming out and new trials always being run.

     So, as I really long to dig into God's Law of Life (His commands, His Torah) I thought what better place to start than to investigate what God says about food! I've been so ready and eager to follow every and any advice of man. I think I have a pretty good handle on most of the conventional wisdom that is out there today. It's time to see how that all compares to what God has to say.

     Next I'll start with what God began teaching me from His Word about sugar! :) Stay tuned. (I know I will, since on most days I'm the only one who reads this) hehe :)

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